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Initial Patient Exam
In-depth testing and gathering of information. Dr. Snow may order laboratory tests, x-rays, other diagnostic images and other procedures as required. Based on the information gleaned from this initial visit, Dr. Snow will assign priorities to your health issues and design your individual course. He will then have you come back to the office for a Report of Findings visit.

The following forms are only to be downloaded and filled out if requested by Dr Snow or his staff:
+ Download System Survey Form - (Adobe PDF Format)
+ Download Food Record Form - (Adobe PDF Format)

Report Findings
Dr Snow will share his plans and goals for your care. He will explain to you what to expect in further visits. Clients will receive a Report of Findings folder with their individulized plan.

Health Care Visit
Dr. Snow will re-evaluate your nutrition needs and/or perform adjustments at regular intervals to insure that your care remains on target and your health goals are being achieved.

Testing Available
-Food Allergy
-Hair Analysis


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