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Dr. Eric Snow

I have been committed to helping people on their journey to health and wellness for more than 15 years through my holistic health practice.


“He is passionate and mission driven. He speaks with authenticity, credibility and sincerity. His transformational stories will captivate you.” – B. Simril

Transform Your Health.
Fufill Your Purpose.

Good health enables you to be all that you were destined to be. Dr. Eric Snow speaks across the country at events in order to help people realize that the kind of food they eat or steer clear of plays a huge role in determining if they will be healthy or not.

Your body, and everything that makes it up is so important; it’s your greatest asset in this world! Your physical body embodies your spirit and soul (mind, will, and emotions) and that makes your physical body most critical to what you achieve in life. I cannot stress enough how crucial this is. If you are wanting to succeed in life, you will need your body to function at maximum capacity. If you are inspired about living a life of purpose, you need to be particular about your health and the foods you eat as well.


Dr. Snow Talks About Simple Actionable Steps to
Become Healthy, Energetic & Full Of Vitality.

Secrets To Building Health & Wellness
Secrets To Building Health & Wellness

Dr. Snow shares the steps to building health and wellness. He connects with his audience through stories of transformation using his proven plans.

Action Steps To Achieve Better Health
Action Steps To Achieve Better Health

Attendees learn how to create action steps to achieve better health. He also shares resources to help them along their journey of transformation.

Get Inspired To Be A Healthier You
Get Inspired To Be A Healthier You

Dr. Snow talks about how to live life with purpose, and how to achieve that purpose by connecting one’s health to their life’s goals and ambitions.

I know how frustrating the cycle of treating symptoms vs. the root cause can be, Ive been there.

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Knowing how to select the right foods to achieve loads of energy, clarity in you mind and getting pain free is not only possible buy essential to a healthy body. You can take action today by implementing these holistic strategies to get well and stay well for the rest of your life.

Is it possible to live a healthy drug-free life? YES! It starts with healthy food. Gandhi once said, “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” This statement had a profound effect on me. The more I pondered it, the more insight I gained into why Gandhi made such a striking statement.


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