Meet Dr. Eric Snow

Dr. Eric is a sought-after national
speaker on such topics as weight
loss, nervous system health,
functional medicine, natural
detoxification, disease prevention,
and biblical faith teachings.
Dr. Snow has appeared on national
TV networks like FOX, NBC, and was
also featured on "America Now."

Meet Dr. Katie Snow

Dr. Katie has worked in all levels of
pharmacy practice, including
compounding, retail, surgery center,
and hospital. She has seen first-hand
the effects of a body not being
properly stewarded and the chronic
disease that ensues, including
the aftermath of strained caregivers
and financial devastation.

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Why Buy from Us?

Dr. Eric Snow is a doctor of chiropractic who combines state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques with functional medicine and cutting-edge healing technologies. Dr. Katie Snow is a doctor of pharmacy who previously practiced as a pharmacist at all levels. Both of us are clinical nutritionists. Since 2003, we have run Snow Holistic Health, a very busy practice serving over 2,000 ongoing patients in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Located in the Southern United States, many of our patients come to us struggling with diet-related metabolic, inflammatory, and gut issues. We’ve built a reputation as an integrative health practice that can turn around these seemingly tough cases using food and whole food nutraceuticals as first-line therapy.

Aside from our practice, we’ve also owned a supplement store. So, we’ve seen it all with supplements both through our clinical observations and interacting with vendors. We’ve been appalled to learn about common corner-cutting practices in the industry. The more popular a product category is, the more likely there will be companies that take shoddy approaches. Therefore, we decided to formulate Dr. Eric Snow supplements to provide our community and audience with safe and effective supplements that meet our standards. 

  1. Based on whole foods. God made our bodies to take nutrients from food, not as synthetic isolated vitamins. In our clinical experience, we’ve found that when people take isolated nutrients, even from professional brands, they reaped benefits initially before they stop feeling the difference. Their bodies adapt to them or learn to eliminate these isolated nutrients like toxins. Whereas, with whole food supplements, the benefits don’t drop off. This is most likely because our physiology is more compatible with nutrients and the synergistic components in food than with isolated nutrients.
  2. Fermented with beneficial probiotics. Most herbs and plant-based supplements work with your gut flora. Your gut bacteria help activate them. For example, when you eat green vegetables or take a greens supplement, your gut bacteria are responsible for digesting much of the plant material and releasing the healthy contents. The efficiency of this digestion varies depending on your gut bacteria. To make this more efficient, we shortcut this process for you by pre-fermenting with beneficial Lactobacilli. Our fermentation process unlocks many key nutrients and antioxidants. Although this is a costly process that means we make less profit than non-fermenting supplements, we’re proud to make this one-of-a-kind fermented greens supplement available to you. Our customers also find it more effective. 
  3. Capsule, not powder. Folks regularly comment on how they appreciate the ease of having their greens supplement in a capsule instead of powder form. Powder is messier and many people don’t like the taste. Taken in a capsule with organic rice bran to disperse the capsule content, neither of these is a problem.
  4. Certified organic and non-GMO. As we shared in our bestseller Eat and Be Well, we believe in organic food as a healing option. People nowadays are sick because of the pesticides and other toxins in our food and environment. We formulated Dr. Eric Snow's supplements while sticking to our principles. 
  5. Certified gluten-free and free of toxic ingredients. Since we use whole food nutraceuticals as frontline therapy, our standards are very high. Dr. Katie is a pharmacist who is very knowledgeable about the production process. Therefore, we ensure that our materials come from trustworthy and clean sources.
  6. All ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade and tested and verified by third-party labs. We test every batch of our raw materials and finished products.
  7. 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day return policy. If you’re not happy with Dr. Eric Snow Green Power for any reason, return the jars to us, and we’ll happily refund your money.